Happiness is where the ripple effect begins and spills into a healthier lifestyle. Cultivating awareness and capturing our breath is one of the ways we welcome ourselves to Be Happy and Live Healthy.


Being happy is the beginning of the journey to becoming healthy. One way to Be Happy and Live Healthy is to take time out of our busy schedule to focus on the mind and body. In all classes we bring ourselves into a place where we can live a healthy life and bring a greater level of balance within our daily lifestyle. Here you will find that I offer private yoga sessions, parties just for fun as well as group classes. You can always check the schedule for more or simply contact me and tell me how I can help.

Recent Blog Entries


Tricia is an AMAZING yoga teacher! Not only does she give you hands-on instruction, but she also gives you the encouragement that I have found other instructors to lack. She includes the perfect balance of relaxation techniques and exercise!

- Heather

I love Tricia's yoga classes!! She is a great teacher with an amazing ability to modify poses for any class level. Tricia's classes are calming but a great workout too! I would recommend her classes to anyone.

- Amy